Imagine If


I looked at this image on my phone the other day. I had taken it in the height of the summer. I was making a berry curd macadamia tart, a keto dessert that Max could enjoy at a friend’s BBQ. I immediately thought of how beautiful those nutrient-dense berries are. And I thought about how compelling the image is to me. Our kids see similarly compelling images day-in and day-out related to nutrient-poor foods and what if, what if, we were to replace some of those images with gorgeous images of amazing nutrient-dense foods? If not replace, what if we could at least counter those images? Would we see positive outcomes associated with this imagery?

So, take a minute to think about it and imagine if our kids were exposed to images of nutrient-dense beautiful foods every day, counteracting the plethora of junk food ads they experience around every corner. Imagine if each hospital cancer and diabetes clinic room and cafeteria featured images such as this as well? They are small changes that could have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

I have a vision that one day soon we will see beautiful posters of therapeutic nutrient-dense foods, foods that make us strong, linking the halls and decking out the rooms of hospitals and schools across this nation. Taking it a few steps further, I am issuing a call to action, we MUST develop and implement teaching kitchens in each and every pediatric healthcare facility in this country.

Stay fierce, together.

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