About MaxloveMomma

I have to put it right out there. I have a vision for critically needed change. We need a hospital food revolution. We need a teaching kitchen in every single children’s hospital. We need to take food as medicine seriously. We need to gather as medical teams, families and communities, focused on whole foods, real […]

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Grace Wins

Give yourself grace. | Believe in our inherent resilience. | Don’t make perfect the enemy of the good. | Fall seven times and stand up eight. | Make decisions based on your hopes, not your fears. | …these are all significant mantras that help me get through each day. Have you felt awful because you: […]

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A Hospital Food Revolution

As of fall 2013 our son faced multiple hospitalizations and, when we ordered broth for the clear liquid diet, we instead received this processed bouillon (pictured here). The first listed ingredient in this product is high fructose corn syrup! It’s a pro-inflammatory chemical concoction that’s not suitable for healing, that’s for sure. But this is […]

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Best Yet

There’s no relationship quite like this…to feel safe and secure in the hands of another, to know that you are deeply cared for and protected…this is SuperMax today with his hero and neurosurgeon, Dr. Loudon. Today Dr. Loudon showed Max his scans and, with his own eyes, Max saw that the “bad guys” are frozen […]

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Big Steps for Big Hope in 2016

{Re-post from MaxLove Project} May your choices reflect your HOPES not your FEARS.” ~Nelson Mandela Here’s my choice in 2016: I’m quitting my day job and devoting my full time and energy, as the Chief Hope Officer (our version of CEO), to MaxLove Project and families everywhere fighting childhood cancer. I could talk about the fear I […]

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Four Years A Cancer Mom

August 5th. For our family there’s the life before August 5th, 2011 and the life after. This day is deep marker in our lives, a reminder of our pain, struggles, and ultimately, the deep gratitude we have for what we have learned, how we’ve connected, and the quality of the time we have gained. Today, […]

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In and Out of Place

Lying on top of the kids’ closet, supported by a Barbie bike helmet and a keepsake jar, Max’s radiation mask rests both in and out of place. It’s a stark reminder of all we have been through and all we have to be grateful for. To all of my fierce cancer momma friends out there, […]

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The Children

These are normal conversations, typical decisions. When we have children and how we choose to expand a family. The pros and cons stack up, circulating around time, temperament, and resources. When we see this uniquely beautiful love between siblings, it’s hard not to want to add to it. There’s something about kids, their gift of […]

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Becoming A “Cancer Mom”

In deciding how to tell our story I revisited where we started from, the diagnosis, reading our 3 1/2 year old CaringBridge posts from the earliest days of Max’s journey in the hospital. It was all so fresh, jarring, shocking. I provided a digest of a few of the posts here below, outlining a sort […]

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