Grace Wins

Give yourself grace. | Believe in our inherent resilience. | Don’t make perfect the enemy of the good. | Fall seven times and stand up eight. | Make decisions based on your hopes, not your fears. | …these are all significant mantras that help me get through each day. Have you felt awful because you: […]

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Big Steps for Big Hope in 2016

{Re-post from MaxLove Project} May your choices reflect your HOPES not your FEARS.” ~Nelson Mandela Here’s my choice in 2016: I’m quitting my day job and devoting my full time and energy, as the Chief Hope Officer (our version of CEO), to MaxLove Project and families everywhere fighting childhood cancer. I could talk about the fear I […]

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Four Years A Cancer Mom

August 5th. For our family there’s the life before August 5th, 2011 and the life after. This day is deep marker in our lives, a reminder of our pain, struggles, and ultimately, the deep gratitude we have for what we have learned, how we’ve connected, and the quality of the time we have gained. Today, […]

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In and Out of Place

Lying on top of the kids’ closet, supported by a Barbie bike helmet and a keepsake jar, Max’s radiation mask rests both in and out of place. It’s a stark reminder of all we have been through and all we have to be grateful for. To all of my fierce cancer momma friends out there, […]

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