Grace Wins

Give yourself grace. | Believe in our inherent resilience. | Don’t make perfect the enemy of the good. | Fall seven times and stand up eight. | Make decisions based on your hopes, not your fears. | …these are all significant mantras that help me get through each day.

Have you felt awful because you:
Microwaved something in BPA plastic recently? Left a plastic water bottle in a warm car and yet drank that water anyway? Ate a donut, or two? Fed your kid jello with red dye 40 in it? Used a cell phone with no headset? Used a bug spray? Used a heavy duty cleaner? Enjoyed too many appletinis the other night instead of going to yoga? Fed your kids pizza the third night in a row? Gave your kid regular milk? Ate a GMO? Wanted to hide in a hole while formula feeding your baby from a bottle? Let your kids watch Spongebob or play iPad for a few hours? 


This photo is not mine. I grabbed it from the internet. If it’s yours, let me know so I can give you credit and send readers your way. ❤

I have a very hard time with anything that undermines our inherent resilience. We are strong, wired for growth, and built to withstand challenge. I often feel like I inhabit a lonely space between the “conventional” and “alternative” medicine worlds, both of which so often depend on fear-based narratives to thrive. Fear sells both conventional and alternative philosophies, drugs and supplements alike.

We do our best. Choosing our spaces of empowerment and hope. The iterations and gradations of thrivership are infinite. Layered with struggle, opportunities, wins, and losses, and all so different for everyone. But, what we all pretty much have in common is that we need to give ourselves grace.

While we work to empower ourselves with knowledge about all that is harmful, our “Thrive” is not a path served by fostering fear. When we focus on empowering wellness, we are strengthened by evidence-based micro actions that serve us, micro-actions that feel good and are hopeful changes in our family culture. Whatever that is, and it IS different for everyone, progress trumps perfection. Hope is stronger than fear. Give yourself grace and don’t make someone else’s perfect the enemy of your good! 

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