Best Yet

There’s no relationship quite like this…to feel safe and secure in the hands of another, to know that you are deeply cared for and protected…this is SuperMax today with his hero and neurosurgeon, Dr. Loudon. Today Dr. Loudon showed Max his scans and, with his own eyes, Max saw that the “bad guys” are frozen […]

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Four Years A Cancer Mom

August 5th. For our family there’s the life before August 5th, 2011 and the life after. This day is deep marker in our lives, a reminder of our pain, struggles, and ultimately, the deep gratitude we have for what we have learned, how we’ve connected, and the quality of the time we have gained. Today, […]

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In and Out of Place

Lying on top of the kids’ closet, supported by a Barbie bike helmet and a keepsake jar, Max’s radiation mask rests both in and out of place. It’s a stark reminder of all we have been through and all we have to be grateful for. To all of my fierce cancer momma friends out there, […]

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Becoming A “Cancer Mom”

In deciding how to tell our story I revisited where we started from, the diagnosis, reading our 3 1/2 year old CaringBridge posts from the earliest days of Max’s journey in the hospital. It was all so fresh, jarring, shocking. I provided a digest of a few of the posts here below, outlining a sort […]

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