Best Yet


There’s no relationship quite like this…to feel safe and secure in the hands of another, to know that you are deeply cared for and protected…this is SuperMax today with his hero and neurosurgeon, Dr. Loudon. Today Dr. Loudon showed Max his scans and, with his own eyes, Max saw that the “bad guys” are frozen still, smaller and less “lit up” than ever before.

Max said that it was so “c-o-o-l” to see. We were told that this is the best scan Max has ever had! The BEST. Almost two-years post radiation, it’s crazy to see the scans *continue* to improve. Unheard of even!

We know that the powerful combination of a therapeutic ‪#‎ketogenic‬ diet and radiation was the 1-2 punch that Max needed to stall a progressing and partially diffuse glioma. This process gave us access to a period of ‪#‎thrivership‬ that we never dreamed of. We took the leap to do this based on what was, at the time, a handful of studies demonstrating the efficacy of this therapeutic adjunctive combination along with the encouragement of our doctors. Today the evidence is far stronger and Max’s case is one of a growing number of success stories. May all families today benefit from such encouragement. We need to hear it from our trusted sources.

Four and a half years ago Dr. Loudon urged us — day three of diagnosis, no less — to closely consider the power of a care plan that attends to quality of life. Dr. Loudon’s wife Ruth is our ‪#‎TCM‬ acupuncturist and Max’s healer, so he knows the power of integrative medicine well. We know how fortunate we are to have this @chocchildrens power team at our side! So, as urged, quality of life is exactly what we went for, always combining treatment with evidence-based lifestyle medicine to support. And now it looks like we’ve gained serious quality quantity as well.

May all children treated for ‪#‎cancer‬ have all the access possible to integrative quality of life care, from the day of diagnosis through their lifetime of survivorship, mitigating treatment related risks and paving the way to thrivership. May all ‪#‎SuperKids‬ be served by medical teams who believe in the power of ‪#‎integrative‬ ‪#‎qualityoflife‬ ‪#‎care‬, from day one! May we all have access to ‪#‎thrive‬ with the time we have!

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