Becoming A “Cancer Mom”

In deciding how to tell our story I revisited where we started from, the diagnosis, reading our 3 1/2 year old CaringBridge posts from the earliest days of Max’s journey in the hospital. It was all so fresh, jarring, shocking. I provided a digest of a few of the posts here below, outlining a sort […]

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About MaxloveMomma

I have to put it right out there. I have a vision for critically needed change. We need a hospital food revolution. We need a teaching kitchen in every single children’s hospital. We need to take food as medicine seriously. We need to gather as medical teams, families and communities, focused on whole foods, real […]

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Imagine If

I looked at this image on my phone the other day. I had taken it in the height of the summer. I was making a berry curd macadamia tart, a keto dessert that Max could enjoy at a friend’s BBQ. I immediately thought of how beautiful those nutrient-dense berries are. And I thought about how […]

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