A Hospital Food Revolution

As of fall 2013 our son faced multiple hospitalizations and, when we ordered
broth for the clear liquid diet, we instead received this processed bouillon (pictured here). The first listed ingredient in this product is high fructose corn syrup! It’s a pro-inflammatory chemical concoction that’s not suitable for healing, that’s for sure. But this is what most hospitals consider broth to be.

Needless to say, we made and brought in our own broth and, by late 2014 @maxloveproject partnered with a number of local chefs to provide handmade organic pastured therapeutic bone broth to families in need.

By late 2015 MaxLove Project had served up over 2400 quarts of bone broth to approximately 100 local families, many of whom receive our broth via personal delivery to the hospital thanks to our amazing staff and interns.

In addition, the hospital is now collaborating with one of our incredible and passionate chef partners to make the hospital food revolution a reality. We are at the table for these discussions and are continually inspired by the passion and commitment of every leader, up to the highest levels of administration, to make major and sustainable change to benefit the wellness of all kids, families and employees of the hospital. That’s a major wellness intervention folks! 

The hospital food revolution is coming!

Soon our innovative Broth Bank collaboration with @electriccitybutcher will only be necessary for those in the outpatient and survivorship settings (which is a huge number as it is) as all patients admitted to the hospital will have full access to homemade broth and homemade fierce foods. What will follow is a teaching kitchen with innovative food labs and community health cooking classes.

This intervention is not magic, it takes time, commitment, contract negotiations, funding, facilities renovations, staff training and, most of all, leadership. Once it happens here, it will push the envelope everywhere. It’s innovation in pediatric healthcare with disruptive low-hanging (whole organic) fruit.

Do you want to instigate change like this at your hospital? There are two necessary ingredients – a community commitment and a willingness to collaborate for change. Your voice matters. Be there and be ready by building positive relationships, serving on parent and advisory committees and, at the very least, never turn down an opportunity to submit constructive feedback via patient satisfaction surveys. The change starts with you, your community, and your hope!

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